Kuchipudi – Beyond the art

This post is about a personal emotion I share for a village, I am the native of! Why now? Because, I recently got myself involved with something I truly feel privileged about.

1509022_10205804918871412_2363416682495700479_nOur history text books said, that villages are the back bone of India! If so, then we can call ourselves a developing country only if we are developing our very own villages. As Mr. Modi puts, “if we have to build villages, we have to start it from the villages”. Today, for an average individual, villages have become a place of visit once in a year or two, may be to get all the traditional clothes out of the wardrobes, enjoy that warm village HOME, muddy roads, take pictures at the green fields, visit the temple, be greeted by almost everyone you come across and then say bye until next year! Most of our parents had their childhood in those villages. Thanks to my grandfather and father, that I still associate myself as the native of “Kuchipudi” village, also because, I am a Kuchipudi dancer and feel proud and privileged, when I am said its in my genes. Kuchipudi village is the birth place of the Kuchipudi dance form.

Is that all I can associate myself with Kuchipudi? May be not. The education I have had and the upbringing taught me that giving back to the society in any way possible is one of the important ways to feel “educated”. Thanks to “Jayaho Kuchipudi” project initiated by Silicon Andhra, I am able to do my part in giving it back to this village. Kuchipudi village is situated in the Movva Mandal, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh.


The Prime Minister of India, launched Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna, a Model Village Scheme a rural development scheme to be undertaken by Members of Parliament. A similar step has been taken up by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu but not limited to the parliamentarians. Responding to the call given by the Chief Minister, Silicon Andhra, a non-profit organisation based in the Silicon Valley has adopted Kuchipudi village to transform it to a smart village (smart in the sense of basic needs or amenities). This project is completely driven by the donations received from the common public. There has been a great response and its heart warming to see the people come in great numbers to be part of this CHANGE.


Among the various basic amenities that needs to be worked on, we decided that construction of proper roads was the need of the hour. The reason is multi fold. The village currently has mud roads and it would be difficult especially during the monsoon for the villagers to step out in those mud roads. Further, all the other amenities in the village like a hospital, school, can be accessed better only once there are proper roads. Construction of the roads has begun in the village and we are making a progress. The project started off on March 29, 2015 (My birthday!)

In this series of posts, I will post the story of the change and progress we are making in transforming this centuries old village into a smart village. Stay tuned for the next post on the roads transformation.

-Signing off

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