My LOVE..!!!

Tall, dark and handsome… Iss saal tho milega kya kam se kam!!!
I knew this would happen one day in my beautiful life… Just to make it more beautiful and COMPLETE!!!
But never dreamt it would be YOU… when it was a perfect package of smile, passion and humor (I mean sarcasm) wrapped in LOVE!
April 1, 2012…. For once I was not fooled but clean bowled :-p
Something like love at first sight.. as I felt I could be with you every night.
As you left home with that lingering glance, I was probably all set for a dance!
Oh I got up next morning….Totally shocked about the feeling!
That’s when I wondered what I feel about you….I was scared as the feeling was absolutely NEW!

And now! Huh… You have become my life… But how? “That’s MAGIC!”
Our love for each other has grown… In every action it is shown!!!
Shared everything from our past.. Gosh it felt so fast!
Every moment at present…. Feels so pleasant..!!!! 
Sometimes I wonder if this is too good to be true…as I feel complete being with you!

For now, I’ll be waiting patiently for that DAY when we’ll be together and live every day as a precious moment…What say?

But just know that
                     At times I may not have the right words to say… still I will never lie!

– Signing off 
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