The Woman In Me

From a dependent creature within four walls to independent strong citizen in the society is what a woman’s stand is today. International Women’s day was initiated by Clara Zetkin, leader of the Democratic Party’s Women’s wing in Germany. She mooted this idea in order to press some demands on behalf and for women. The major issue was that of voting right for women. From then the idea of this day was passed on by word of mouth all over and was successful in its First International Women’s day celebration in 1911. It was in 1913 that the day was decided to be 8th March and thus continued it thereafter with a global recognition. In 1975 the UNO also recognized this day as the days of global importance.
Now having said the story of the day I feel sad that we still have to celebrate this day. No offence! Going by the reason behind the day, celebrating this day means we are still fighting for our rights. Isn’t it sad? ‘Right’ is something we are ought to have without bar and that is still something we are fighting for. So if in a country a section of people are fighting for their rights where can the word ‘development’ see the light. And if that section is one gender then it’s the worst!
Today all the newspapers, news channels highlighted women. Woman is the star of the day. It was rather surprising to see in newspapers today various surveys conducted to seek women’s say. One thing that was striking to me was “Who has to decide what women can do in the evenings”. That was pretty interesting survey and it seems most of the women said that the parents should, the other options being themselves and police. Who cares who decide? Anyways it is high time we stop bothering about these petty issues and seriously give a thought to many other problems. At this juncture I have to agree that the position of women has definitely improved since the time of our independence socially, politically, economically and legally also. But we still have a long way to take them. When I say ‘we’ I mean all those who don’t fall under the under privileged sector and those who can give a hand to help them achieve their fair position irrespective of man or woman.
I personally enjoy all the other special days such as Father’s day, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day. But these are all I feel are in the honour of those people for being a wonderful father, mother and a teacher. It is a big anomaly if one side we, women want to be treated equally with that of men and on the other we fight for a special recognition. Why do we need to be treated specially? We are not weak. Are we? Yes I know what I am saying. I don’t think we need that 33% reservation just because we are women. We should be able to get because we deserve it. I never understand the fact that by getting many more women to sit in the assembly or parliament the women’s position in the country will improve. How will that handful of women decide the fate of all the other? I am sorry but I really pity those women who want special recognition.
Now that we are still recognizing this day we might as well see through the problems this section of people is facing. Let me be clear I am not trying to be a feminist here but a problem analyst. It cannot be denied that India still follows patriarchal family system and I would say women are not given equal importance rather than saying that they are not given importance at all. I call my generation almost a lucky one because I don’t think we have seen the discrimination between a girl and a boy child in our families which our previous generations might have seen. May be this is because the victimized previous generation understood the problem of discrimination and did not want to impose it on their children. I would say the idea of changing India in terms of western ideas would only be an ideal situation but not a practical one. There are some things that we cannot change in India. We can afford not to fight for it as it does not harm us. Call it Indianism and leave it!
The biggest devil that irks the section is what I call “misnomer woman”. Woman is in the world to enjoy the world as any other man and also to let this world continue. ‘Woman’ is not for pleasure and the way some people treat woman as their vehicle of pleasure is the misnomer and is what is bothering the society. If not for this why do we see in the newspaper every day that there is a physical abuse on woman? Is it the thirst of those men for woman irrespective of the age? To top it all the reaction the victim receives is more irksome. Now who can change this? Just You and me! Impossible it’s the inner voice if such men that have to change them. Being a law student this gets me to the point that the punishment imposed on such men and the execution of such punishment does not trigger the deterrent effect on them and so is not able to make an impact. When he commits a sexual abuse what is it that is stopping to shoot him? If pleasure is the reason for commission of the crime he is not fit to be a human being. This is a different side of the story but something that cannot be ignored. The reason I pointed out this is that personally this according me is the only God given weaker side that women in special needs protection with a bit of self regulation. I don’t curse Him for that. The rest problems I feel are faced by everyone irrespective of gender. May it be education, job opportunities etc. Gender does not need attention. It is the needy that needs attention.
I think we can have a better recognition as being a good and successful human being. I would be happy if I am recognized for my achievements as a human being rather than especially as a woman. We can dare to see things as they come by. It is time for us to fight not for special recognition but for a rightful status.
Saluting all those great men and women who brought this change in the society, and who are striving to bring a better change I make my last statement “ I am proud of being a woman only because it’s the woman who can be a mother”.

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