Uggani.. A Rayalaseema famous dish made of puffed rice and one of my favorites for breakfast. Here is the simple recipe!


  • Puffed rice
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Green chillies
  • Curry leaves
  • Oil, Mustard, Jeera, groundnuts, urad dal, Asafoetida and Turmeric for tempering
  • Salt
  • Roasted channa dal


  • Soak the puffed rice in water. Remember that the quantity of puffed rice almost gets halved. Ensure that the puffed rice is not getting soggy. Drain the water and keep it aside.
  • Put little oil in the pan and add the tempering ingredients along with curry leaves.
  • Then add chopped onions, chillies and after a while tomatoes into the pan.
  • Once they are cooked, add the soaked puffed rice and mix it well that the turmeric is even to the preparation.
  • Then add salt and roasted channa dal powder.
  • Garnish it with coriander.


Yummy tip: Mmmm.. this tastes awesome with hot Mirchi Bajji 🙂


-Signing off

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